Milo's Story


Our inspiration! I was in a pet store that was having an adoption event when I saw Milo. He was the last dog there and had this look on his face like “please get me out of here"! I was looking for a brother for Fritz so I thought, "Ok maybe this is meant." The staff told me he was one of the rescues from Puerto Rico after the hurricane and had already been adopted and brought back quite a few times. They weren’t sure why except the last time when the adopters said he was aggressive with other dogs. That statement turned out to be totally bogus. 

I introduced him to Fritz and they were fine. Two weeks later Milo was settled in but still hadn’t really bonded with any of us. He seemed to be holding back. One night when I was out walking him and Fritz, Milo pulled out of his harness, ran into the street, got hit by a car and then ran off!  We looked for him all night with no luck. It was winter, cold and wet. During the following days we hung flyers, posted on Nextdoor and all-over pet sites and social media. There was this lump in the pit of my stomach the whole time he was gone. 

 We kept getting messages where someone had seen a dog that looked like him who acted like he wanted to play but then ran away when they got close. Finally, about two weeks after he got loose we got a call from a lady who said that a dog who looked like Milo was in her back yard and she had shut the gate. She wasn’t home but we were welcome to go look. It turns out she literally lived two streets over from us. It was Milo. He was in pretty bad shape, skinny with cuts and bruises, limping on his left leg.  We took him to the vet who said his leg had been hurt from getting hit, it wasn't broken and looked like it was already healing. 

I would say the night that we brought him home, he finally opened up to me.  It was as if he was waiting to see if we were going to send him away like everyone else and when he realized we were sticking he gave us his heart. He is the sweetest, goofiest, most loving dog I’ve had. His favorite thing to do is sleep on the couch, usually on his back. He just makes you feel good when you meet him. He has such a good spirit. As for all those people who brought him back...their loss, my gain! 


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We got Fritz from the shelter when he was just a pup. He was picked up as a stray. He reminded me of Dennis the Menace because he destroyed everything he could get his teeth into. Typical puppy. Fritz loves his tennis balls, water and playing chase. He is a talker. You can have a whole conversation with him. He lets you know what he wants and if you don’t understand he is more than willing to tell and show you!


My inspiration! I was in a pet store when I saw Milo at an adoption event they were having. He just had this desperate look on his face like “please let me out”. I fell for him right away. The rescue staff told me he had been adopted and brought back quite a few times. They weren’t sure why except for the last time when the adopters said he was aggressive with other dogs. Totally not true...

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I got a message from the foster coordinator asking if I could take one of three sisters who had just been rescued from “a bad situation”. She sent me pictures and when I looked at Margaret I felt like I could feel her sadness and fear. When I picked her up she had to be carried to the car because she wouldn’t walk. She was completely shut down. For the next 2 days she stayed curled up in a ball, not moving...

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She is our second foster fail. She was removed from a very abusive household. She was emaciated and scared of everything. I saw a picture of her on a post about an overcrowded shelter that a group member had posted on Milo's Place. She looked so pitiful and alone. I applied to foster with them and went to a meet and greet. She crawled on her belly to me and that was it. I wanted to foster her until she could...

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