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We got Fritz from the shelter when he was just a pup. He was picked up as a stray. He reminded me of Dennis the Menace because he destroyed everything he could get his teeth into. Typical puppy. Fritz loves his tennis balls, water and playing chase. He is a talker. You can have a whole conversation with him. He lets you know what he wants and if you don’t understand he is more than willing to tell and show you!


My inspiration! I was in a pet store when I saw Milo at an adoption event they were having. He just had this desperate look on his face like “please let me out”. I fell for him right away. The rescue staff told me he had been adopted and brought back quite a few times. They weren’t sure why except for the last time when the adopters said he was aggressive with other dogs. Totally not true...

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I got a message from the foster coordinator asking if I could take one of three sisters who had just been rescued from “a bad situation”. She sent me pictures and when I looked at Margaret I felt like I could feel her sadness and fear. When I picked her up she had to be carried to the car because she wouldn’t walk. She was completely shut down. For the next 2 days she stayed curled up in a ball, not moving...

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She is our second foster fail. She was removed from a very abusive household. She was emaciated and scared of everything. I saw a picture of her on a post about an overcrowded shelter that a group member had posted on Milo's Place. She looked so pitiful and alone. I applied to foster with them and went to a meet and greet. She crawled on her belly to me and that was it. I wanted to foster her until she could...

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